This photo was taken 900 feet underground in a bituminous coal mine. The coal miner in the photo is spraying rock dust (primarily calcium carbonate). Rock dust is used to reduce the combustible fraction of coal dust in the air. We were at the mine for a health hazard evaluation (2009-0085) of coal miners’ exposures to respirable dust and silica during rock dusting. To me occupational health and safety means going into deep dark places to address health and safety concerns.

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We at Safety And Training solutions want create opportunities fo the members of our comunity.

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  1. Apply for sponsored courses:  Whenever we receive funding, we will create public courses, that will be available to the public. Please note, only a certain number of applicants can be considered for these courses.
  2. Submit Your CV: We will forward your CV to businesses in the mining and industrial sectors. This is not a job application. We will keep your CV on record.

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