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What is Dover Testing?

Dover has been providing psychomotor testing equipment since 1986 with installation worldwide.

Dover Systems of Randburg, South Africa, is the supplier of the Dover Test used in Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport and allied industries.

The Dover Test developed by Dr Nick Christodoulou, registered and HPCSA approved test of psychomotor skills and competency.

The Dover Test has been an integral part of the recruitment and safety assessment of operators of machinery and equipment using:

  • Colour, sound and foot coordination
  • Performance under differing conditions
  • Recognition of environment changes/simulation
  • Concentration and Attention
  • Training and knowledge transfer abilities
  • Safety and productivity evaluation

The Dover Test is a standardised test that has been validated for accurate and reliable (repeatable) results.

The (Dover) “Test” is computer administered for absolute correctness of applications to each candidate thus ensuring fairness.

The Dover Test uses non-verbal instructions for initial teaching of the requirements, practice to ensure test understanding and thereafter test phase administration.

Results are immediately evaluated & a full evaluation report generated by an embedded report writing program.

This report is either screen based or printed out and available in Word (.pdf) and Excel format, therefore can either be printed out (hard copy) or emailed electronically to remote site.

Dover testing

Why use Dover Testing?

  • Our test systems are Culture-free and fair
  • Helps you identify the right people and employ more skilled staff
  • User friendly with no prior computer knowledge required
  • Instantaneous result analysis software
  • Cost-effective setup options to suit various needs
  • In-house Dover Testing & Rehacom rehabilitation facilities
  • Mobile testing available worldwide. We come to you
  • We have a proven track record with over 30 years experience
  • HPCSA Approved Test


Dover Systems is the Supplier of the Dover Test (and specialised modules).

We are able to supply other tests and testing systems.

We are able to provide normatizing services and update Dover norms on a 4 yearly basis.

User data can be used in this function.

Dover in association with international partners provides various skill training or retraining equipment. This hardware and software is allied to the tests and test results.

The training modules address the areas of concern by retraining the thought processes to the skill level required.

This rehabilitative approach is widely used as a mind restructuring approach to upskilling.

Dover Systems has an associated partner (SIMLOG INC) which provides Simulator equipment for a more hands-on training experience.

These procedural trainers are designed to strengthen the rule bond learning that has been established.

The complete turnkey concept of Dover Systems is designed to enhance safety risk management and productivity of operators of equipment.

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